Anatomical Pathology


The Anatomical Pathology department is located within the Otago University Christchurch School of Medicine and offers accurate testing for diseases such as cancer and focuses on cellular deaths or mutations.

Three areas come under the Anatomical Pathology department;

Histology, where the processing of body tissues is performed then reviewed and diagnosed by a number of specialist pathologists. Urgent samples can be reviewed in a matter of minutes with results being reported to operating theatres where surgeons can use the information to refine the surgery.


Cytology which can be divided into two areas: gynaecological and non-gynaecological. The gynaecological area focuses on the SurePath liquid based cytology for the National Cervical Screening Programme. This department pioneered the introduction of SurePath liquid based cytology in New Zealand.


The Level 3 Mortuary, only one of two in New Zealand, is located on the Christchurch Hospital site and is where Pathologists perfrom clinical post-mortems. All staff operating within the facility are well qualified and experienced, including several staff trained in Disaster Victim Identification.



 Chris Hemmings photo

Assoc Prof Chris Hemmings


Clinical Director, Anatomical Pathology

P: 03 364 0672
F: 03 364 0593
E: Chris.Hemmings@cdhb.health.nz


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