Diagnostic Immunology laboratories support the diagnosis and management of patients with diseases resulting from disordered immune systems, and conditions in which immunological treatment forms an important part of therapy and/or prevention.

The CHL Immunology Department has a long-established expertise in development, analysis and clinical interpretation of antibody assays, cellular immunophenotyping and functional studies. The laboratory is clinically lead by a Consultant Immunologist who works closely with the Clinical Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology department.

Our test repertoire includes detection of an extensive number of autoantibodies, serological allergy testing, immunodeficiency investigations and therapeutic (monoclonal) drug monitoring. We are continually adding new tests and to our repertoire.

The department also runs the paediatric allergy skin testing service for the Canterbury region. For further information, on skin prick testing, check out the Canterbury HealthInfo website.