Breast Pathology

This is the branch of anatomical pathology concerned with the study and analysis of breast tissue and breast tumours. Our specialist breast pathologists receive a variety of specimen types including core biopsies and surgical biopsies from the breast for the diagnosis or exclusion of breast cancer, both within and outside the national Breast Screening Programme. However, the majority of our work involves analysing surgical resections of breast cancer and providing the treating surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists with accurate and comprehensive information about the cancer to inform the optimal treatment strategy. This includes predicting likely response to particular drugs used to treat breast cancer.

We use a standardised approach to align with international best pathology practice. We are supported by a highly experienced senior pathology assistant who recently transferred from her role in the internationally recognised Nottingham Breast Pathology service in the UK, home of the grading system used globally and recommended by the World Health Organization (a method pathologists use to reflect biological aggressiveness of a tumour).

Meet the Breast Pathology team: