Our Services

Canterbury Health Laboratories is one of the largest laboratories in New Zealand, and has links to laboratories, and specialist related bodies internationally.

CHL delivers core medical diagnostic services, as well as a diverse range of specialist testing disciplines.

More than 2000 different types of tests are conducted at Canterbury Health Laboratories, compared to 180 at most other laboratories. Blood tests to biopsies, smears and genetic testing are all part of the service. CHL processes of all kinds of bodily fluids including sputum, faeces, blood, urine and semen.

In many instances CHL are the ONLY laboratory in New Zealand conducting particular testing, this means you may already be using our services.

National Contracts

Canterbury Health Laboratories holds several National Health Contracts including the following:

National Screening Unit (Ministry of Health)

  • National Cervical Screening Programme
  • National Breast Screening Programme
  • National Bowel Screening Programme
  • Quality Improvements for Antenatal Downs and Other Conditions

World Health Organisation

  • New Zealand National Measles Reference Laboratory

Private Testing Services

Canterbury Health Laboratories is happy to discuss your testing requirements.

Most common services offered include:

  • Immigration Medicals
  • Occupational Screening
  • Workplace Drug Testing
  • Wellness Tests (staff cholesterol, glucose checks etc.)

Full Eftpos facilities are available at the Hagley Ave site, or you can set up an account for on going testing.