Coroner Cases

If your loved one’s death was not the result of known natural disease, their death may need to be referred to the coroner.

In New Zealand, the coroners are lawyers who coordinate investigations into sudden and unexpected deaths and are responsible for determining why and how someone died and whether similar deaths could be prevented in the future. To figure out the cause of someone’s death, the coroner may request that an autopsy be performed by a specially trained pathologist doctor. The pathologist examines the body and provides the coroner with information about why the person died. The coroner then uses this information, combined with other information such as the police report and records from the deceased person’s GP, to issue a death certificate and decide whether a further inquiry into the death is necessary.

If a death has been referred to the coroner, all questions and requests regarding the case need to go through the coroner’s office. 

Contact information for the coroner can be found here: