Specialist Biochemistry

The Specialist Chemistry section covers a wide and diverse array of biochemical testing and analytical techniques. Testing requests are received from general practices, hospitals, occupational health practices; locally, nationally and internationally.

Testing includes:

  • Trace metal analyses by ICP MS
  • Specialist lipid assays by electrophoresis & ultracentrifugation
  • Paediatric biochemistry and biogenic amines by tandem mass spectrometry
  • Calculi analysis by FTIR
  • Porphyrin studies by LC fluorescence
  • Faecal testing by Elisa & manual processing
  • Specialised tumour markers by immunochemistry, HPLC & tandem mass spectrometry 
  • A range of vitamins by spectrophotometric, HPLC & tandem mass spectrometry
  • Haemoglobin, transferrin & albumin whole molecule characterisation by LC TOF
  • Sweat collection and analysis
  • Biopsy testing
  • An assortment of specialist biochemistry send away tests that are distributed to laboratories worldwide.

The Specialist Biochemistry department also works closely with LabPlus (Auckland) to conduct the Quality Improvements for Ante Natal Down Screening and Other Conditions on behalf of the Ministry of Health. Further information on maternal serum screening can be found by selecting the link below.

Learn more about Maternal Serum Screening

The section employs 4 Scientific Officers, 11 Medical Laboratory Scientists and Medical Laboratory Technicians, with a range of qualifications from degrees in Medical Laboratory Science to PhDs in Chemistry. The staff are passionate about the science and are dedicated to producing high quality laboratory results from complex manual and semi-automated processes.