Occupational Screening

Canterbury Health Laboratories has been conducting occupational screening and biological monitoring for over three decades. During this time they have developed the most comprehensive repertoire of test availability in New Zealand.

No other laboratory in New Zealand offers the same calibre of testing for metals, solvents or work place drugs, and many will send their testing to CHL to complete.

Specialists and expert advice on all areas of Occupational Screening including:

  • Exposure of staff
    • Hazardous Chemicals
    • Chemical Testing
    • Heavy Metals
    • Poisons
    • Solvents
  • Workplace Drug Testing
    • Staff Screening
    • Reasonable Cause
    • Pre employment
    • Routine Testing
  • Staff Wellness
    • Cholesterol & Diabetes Checks
    • Lab Health Checks – Tailor-made to suit your staff and or business
  • Infection Control
    • MRSA
    • Antibiotic resistance prevention and monitoring

CHL services are available throughout New Zealand and samples can easily be transported by courier.