Trichomonas vaginalis PCR

Diagnostic Use

Trichomonas vaginalis is a common cause of sexually acquired infections which in women can be non-specific, but may include vaginal discharge, vaginitis, cervicitis and irritation. Between 70-85% of patients infected with T. vaginalis are asymptomatic. Infections in pregnancy may result in sequelae such as preterm labour and premature rupture of membranes. In men T. vaginalis is an important cause of urethritis.

Microscopic evaluation of wet mount preparations and Rapid immunochromatographic tests are no longer routinely performed as Nucleic acid amplification tests have are now more rapidly available to be performed and are the preferred method of TV infection due to superior sensitivity and excellent specificity.


Microbiology - Virology

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Laboratory Handling


Testing is performed daily on routine weekdays.

Turnaround Time

3 days

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