Creatinine clearance

Diagnostic Use

Creatinine is a waste product produced by skeletal muscle tissue. Creatinine is produced at a constant rate (dependent upon muscle mass) and is freely filtered at the glomerulus (with a small fraction of creatinine being excreted in the distal nephron). Because of these properties, creatinine is a useful biomarker of glomerular filtration.

Creatinine clearance is a calculated parameter that indicates the volume of plasma from which creatinine is cleared per unit time. With worsening renal function, the creatinine clearance decreases (i.e. the kidney is unable to clear as much creatinine in a given time).

Creatinine clearance is calculated from the urine creatinine and plasma creatinine concentrations, and requires a 24 hour urine collection. It has largely been replaced by the estimated glomerular filtration rate as a biomarker of glomerular function, but may still be requested in specific settings (for example, when dosing nephrotoxic drugs).


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3 hours

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