Brucella abortus serology (SAT), Blood

Diagnostic Use

Due to a global supply problem for the Brucella Antigen required for the Brucella SAT and AHG test, we are unable to process this request at present. We are currently investigating alternative serologies. In the meantime this sample will be held.
A reminder that Brucella is no longer endemic in New Zealand. If Brucella is still required please send relevant clinical details including international travel history.
Brucellosis is no longer endemic in New Zealand (Brucella abortus was last isolated from cattle in 1988). [Ref: Surveillance (MAF) 2003;30:3-6]. Cross reactivity from other bacteria (such as Yersinia enterocolitica Serogroup 0:9) may cause positive titres. Brucella serology requires relevant clinical details including overseas travel history together with a convalecent sample 14 day post acute.


Microbiology - Serology

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