Y Chromosome Microdeletion PCR

Diagnostic Use

An average of 10% of couples consults infertility clinics. In about half of these cases, sperm production is defective, either quantitatively or qualitatively. Approximately one third to one half of these cases are classified as idiopathic. The deletion of the AZF (azoospermia factor) is thought to be pathogenetically involved in some cases of male infertility associated with azoospermia or severe oligozoospermia. Microdeletions of Yq have been used to define three non-overlapping regions associated with a failure of spermatogenesis, termed AZFa, AZFb and AZFc. Y-chromosome-specific, sequence-tagged site (STS) PCR markers can identify microdeletions in DNA from peripheral blood lymphocytes of infertile males.


Genetics - Molecular Pathology

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Azoospermia factor
Male infertility

Turnaround Time

4 weeks

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