Trypanosoma cruzi serology, Blood

Diagnostic Use

Chagas disease is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. It is transmitted to animals and people by insect vectors and is found only in the Americas (mainly, in rural areas of Latin America where poverty is widespread). Chagas disease (T. cruzi infection) is also referred to as American trypanosomiasis. Demonstration of T. cruzi IgG is an aid to diagnosis.
African trypanosomiasis (T. brucei) is transmitted to humans by tsetse fly bites. The tsetse flies are found only in rural Africa.
Early symptoms include fever, headaches, joint pains and itching. Later stages may include behavioural changes, confusion and poor coordination.
Treatment involves drugs to kill the parasites


Microbiology - Serology

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American trypanosomiasis
Chagas disease
T. cruzi

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2 weeks

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