Toxoplasma Gondii – DNA

Diagnostic Use

Toxoplasmosis, is caused by the intracellular protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondii. Immunocompetent persons with primary infection are usually asymptomatic. However, in some immunocompetent individuals, T. gondii infection can present as an acute systemic infection or as ocular disease (eg, posterior uveitis).

Toxoplasma DNA detection may be useful when an acute infection with toxoplasma is considered.

It is recommended that toxoplasma serological testing is performed prior to DNA testing to ascertain the patients antibody status. In cases of suspected congenital infection the mother should be tested for the presence of toxoplasma antibodies prior to bleeding the baby.


Microbiology - Virology

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Laboratory Handling


Testing is batched daily Monday-Friday at approximately 9.30am, with results available from mid-afternoon.


Congenital infection - Toxoplasma - DNA
Intrauterine infection - Toxoplasma - DNA
Toxoplasma gondii PCR

Turnaround Time

75 hours

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