Thrombophilia (TPGS): F2 and F5 Genotyping

Diagnostic Use

The presence of either the Factor V Leiden or Prothrombin c.20210G>A variants in the heterozygous state is a risk factor for thrombosis, including deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and have also been associated with recurrent pregnancy loss.

There is a reported association between oral contraceptive use, the prothrombin c.20210G>A variant, and cerebrovascular events, so genotyping may be indicated before initiation of oral contraception.

Reduced activated protein-C ratio (APCR) may indicate presence of the FVL variant (normal - APCR >2.1, heterozygous FVL - APCR 1.5-1.8, homozygous FVL - APCR <1.5).


Genetics - Molecular Pathology

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Factor V Leiden Mutation
Prothrombin 20210 Mutation
Thrombophilia Gene Screen

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4 weeks

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