Soluble Fms-like tyrosine kinase-1(sFlt-1) and Placental growth factor (PlGF)

Diagnostic Use

sFlt-1 and PlGF are used to determine the ratio of sFlt-1/PLGF. The sFlt-1/PlGF ratio is a biomarker of placental insufficiency, and has proven clinical benefit as a rule-out test for pre-eclampsia. Similarly, an elevated ratio is associated with placental insufficiency and may contribute towards a diagnosis of pre-eclampsia in patients with supporting clinical and/or biochemical features of the condition.

Used as a pre-eclampsia marker for women >20 weeks gestation with:
• Suspected pre-eclampsia
• Isolated or worsening hypertension
• Isolated or worsening proteinuria
• Isolated fetal growth restriction


Endo/Steroid Lab

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sFlt-1, PlGF

Turnaround Time

3 days

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