Magnesium, RBC

Diagnostic Use

Magnesium is principally an intracellular mineral and red cell magnesium
concentration has been thought to be a better indication of magnesium status. Low
red cell magnesium was thought to be associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
and is below normal in congestive heart failure. There is not yet any convincing
information to show that red cell magnesium is a reliable indication of magnesium
status. The reference range is wide, and the erythrocyte magnesium levels are
affected by the age of the red cells. In acute magnesium deficiency the levels do not
fall as quickly as plasma magnesium. In chronic conditions such as long term
magnesium deficiency, malnutrition and chronic liver disease there may be low
plasma as well as erythrocyte magnesium levels.


Lipids/Trace Metals

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AA Magnesium (Red Cell)
Intracellular Magnesium
Magnesium AA (Red Cell)
Magnesium Intracellular
Red Cell Magnesium

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7 days

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