Herpes Type 1 and Type 2 Specific Serology IgG, Blood

Diagnostic Use

Requests for HSV specific serology are considered acceptable for:

1. Pre-transplant screening.
2. Investigation of clinical herpes in Pregnancy.
Molecular testing for HSV has now superseded serological testing for the vast majority of clinical indications. The sub-optimal sensitivity and specificity of HSV serology can be misleading and lead to sub-optimal clinical management, particularly when used in relation to sexually transmitted infection.

Herpes simplex virus serology guidelines (updated Dec 2019)


Microbiology - Serology

Delphic Registration Code


Laboratory Handling


10 ml Red Top SST

Test Adds

Sample retention is up to 12months. Test adds may be available pending sufficient remaining serum.


Herpes simplex type specific

Turnaround Time

1 week

Test Code