Hepatitis B virus DNA, Plasma

Diagnostic Use

Hepatitis B is one of the world’s most common infectious diseases. About 350 million people have the virus. Every year between 500,000 to one million people die of HBV-related chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis or liver cancer. Almost 94,000 people have hepatitis B in New Zealand.

Screening for Hepatitis B virus is routinely performed by testing for serologic markers (hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis core antigen, hepatitis B surface antibody). Nucleic acid tests for HBV DNA are used as an aid in the management of patients with chronic HBV infection undergoing anti-viral therapy and to measure HBV DNA levels at baseline and during treatment to aid in
assessing response to treatment.

If required, viral resistance genotyping (YMDD mutation analysis) can be added on to a HBV viral load sample if the VL is greater than 1000 IU/mL.


Microbiology - Virology

Delphic Registration Code


Laboratory Handling


Dedicated EDTA tubes required, minimum 4mL whole blood


Must not be registered on same request number as CLCR, TVPC, MGTV tests


Please refer to separating guide in Additional Information section below


If sample arrives frozen, please ensure it does not thaw.


HBV viral load

Turnaround Time

4 days

Test Code