Gastrin, Serum

Diagnostic Use

Measurement of the major forms of gastrin or immunoreactive gastrin in serum has become the definitive test for the diagnosis of gastrinoma in patients with gastric acid hypersecretion. Serum gastrin measurements may also be helpful in the evaluation of patients with suspected antral G-cell hyperplasia (hyperfunction), isolated retained antrum or atrophic gastritis.

Elevated gastrin values may also be obtained in patients with renal failure and in pernicious anemia.


Specialist Biochemistry

Delphic Registration Code


Laboratory Handling


Serum only , prefer fasting overnight, >10hrs


Separate and freeze an aliquot of serum within 4 hours of collection. Aliquot to Specialist Biochemistry - Freezer


Store frozen, reject if gross haemolysis

Test Adds

Only on frozen samples that have been separated within 4 hours of collection, stable frozen for 30 days.

Turnaround Time

2 weeks

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