FISH, amniotic fluid

Diagnostic Use

Rapid prenatal FISH analysis for aneuploidy detects 70 - 80% of all chromosome abnormalities. This screening test is offered as an adjunct to routine G-Banded karyotyping. (see Chromosome analysis, amniotic fluid
Referrals are funded for:
o Fetal abnormalities detected on ultrasound scan
o Maternal screening (serum or NIPS) risk is >1:50
o Parent carries a chromosome translocation involving chromosomes 13 or 21 (e.g. Robertsonian translocation)
o Previous child or pregnancy with Down, Edwards or Patau syndrome (trisomy 21, 18 or 13)

For all other referral categories, there will be a direct charge to the patient. Please ensure payment is sent with the specimen. Cheques should be made payable to Canterbury Health Laboratories.


Genetics - Cytogenetics

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Amniocentesis, FISH
Aneuploidy, AF - FISH
FISH, prenatal, aneuploidy
Prenatal cytogenetics, AF - FISH
Prenatal diagnosis, AF - FISH

Turnaround Time

5 days

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