Chylomicron Triglyceride (Fluids, Plasma)

Diagnostic Use

Chylomicrons, which transport dietary and biliary lipids through the lymphatic system to the blood, are the vehicles of exogenous lipid transport of long chain fatty acids and cholesterol.

Chylomicrons are secreted at all times entering circulation and travelling to various tissues. After secretion they acquire additional Apo proteins, including Apo E, apo C-I, apoC-II and apo C-III from HDL in lymph and blood plasma. Chylomicrons bind rapidly to lipoprotein lipase, which is bound to the surface of blood capillaries, mainly in muscle and adipose tissue. This binding is followed by rapid hydrolysis of most of the component triglycerides and some of the phospholipids in the particle. Free fatty acids then become available for the cell to utilise at energy or as building blocks for other biochemicals.


Lipids/Trace Metals

Delphic Registration Code

Pleural Fluids - FLUD, LIPE. Plasma - LIPU


Chyle Triglyceride

Turnaround Time

14 days

Test Code