Chromosome analysis (karyotype), Tissue

Diagnostic Use

Detection of microscopically visible chromosome rearrangements (>10Mb) for cases of suspected mosaicism, including tissue-specific aneuploidy such as trisomy 8, Pallister-Killian syndrome [i(12)(p)]

PLEASE NOTE: karyotyping of Fetal Tissues and Products of Conception to investigate fetal loss is no longer routinely performed at this laboratory. Where clinically relevant, testing is now performed firstly by QF-PCR, to screen for common aneuploidy and maternal cell contamination, followed by a MICROARRAY if QF-PCR result is normal.

Indications for QF-PCR+Microarray:

• Recurrent miscarriage (defined as ≥ 3)

• Abnormalities on U/S or abnormal fetal phenotype

• Family history of a chromosomal rearrangement


Genetics - Cytogenetics

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Chromosome analysis of tissue
Fetal tissue, cytogenetics
Fibroblast tissue culture
Placenta tissue, chromosomes
POC, chromosomes

Turnaround Time

28 days

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