Chikungunya PCR

Diagnostic Use

Chikungunya virus is an arthropod-borne alphavirus transmitted by mosquitoes that causes acute febrile polyarthralgia and inflammatory arthritis as well as acute cutaneous eruptions and other systemic manifestations. The name chikungunya is derived from an African language and means "that which bends up" or "stooped walk" because of the incapacitating arthralgia caused by the disease.

Chikungunya virus infection is often asymptomatic but when symptomatic the infection usually presents as an influenza-like syndrome, often mistaken with other Arboviral infections like Zika or Chikungunya.

Chikungumya infection may cause a rash that could be confused with Measles, Rubella or Zika


Microbiology - Virology

Delphic Registration Code


Laboratory Handling


Please collect a dedicated tube for PCR testing.


CHL separating - send tube directly to Virology. Referral lab - see referral section below for instruction

Turnaround Time

10 days

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