Anti-Mullerian Hormone

Diagnostic Use

In females, AMH levels are low or undetectable at birth, rising until adulthood. They then begin to decline at menopause, reflecting ovarian reserve exhaustion.
In adult women, serum AMH levels show minimal fluctuation within the menstrual cycle and therefore can be interpreted regardless of the time of collection.

In adult women, AMH measurement has clinical applications in the prediction of ovarian reserve in fertility assessment; can be an indicator of ovarian reserve associated with oncology treatment and in the assessment of menopausal status.
High levels of AMH are present in a large proportion of granulosa cell tumours, therefore it's measurement can aid in the detection and monitoring post surgery or chemotherapy.
As higher AMH levels reflect greater follicle count, it is also a useful diagnostic marker in PCOS.

In males, AMH is strongly expressed by Sertoli cells at the time of testicular differentiation up until puberty.
AMH levels can therefore be a useful indicator of Sertoli cell function and marker for testicular tissue in newborns, and aid in the evaluation of disorders of sexual development.


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