Amylase isoenzymes, Plasma ( Macro Amylase, Amylase Electrophoresis )

Diagnostic Use

This is a benign condition in which normal amylase forms macromolecular complexes with immunoglobulins (IgG, IgM) or it exists as a large polymeric aggregate, resulting in a variety of “macroamylases”, which, because of their large molecular size, are not excreted by the kidney. This results in elevated amylase levels in the serum. Its clinical significance lies in the fact that the hyperamylasemia or macroamylasemia may lead to misinterpretations in the differential diagnosis of abdominal distress. Macroamylasemia accounts for 2.5% of hyperamylasemic conditions. One per cent of healthy subjects have macroamylasemia. It requires no treatment and, in fact, may be transient. In this condition, the amylase/creatinine clearance ratio described below is usually <1% (normal 1-5%), and the urine amylase is usually low.


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Amylase Electrophoresis
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Macro Amylase

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