The Haematology department at Canterbury Health Laboratories offers an extensive range of diagnostic and clinical services, which cover all blood and coagulation disorders. The expertise and equipment available within the laboratory enables the unit to provide and contract for special projects.

The Haematology Department encompasses:

Core Haematology processes full blood counts using Sysmex analysers.

Blood film morphology is reported with the aid of CellaVision, a digital automated blood cell analysis system. A consultative service is available for referral of blood and bone marrow analysis and a haematologist is available at all times for advice and interpretation.

The Surface Markers section uses flow cytometry technology for the detection and classification of leukaemia and lymphoma. Diagnosis and management of many haematological disorders is achieved through a co-ordinated approach involving morphological, immunophenotypic, cytogenetic and molecular assessment.


The Specialist Haematology and Haemostasis sections receive specimens from around New Zealand for investigation. The Haematology Special Tests section investigates haemoglobinopathies, thalassaemia, and haemolytic anaemia.

Haemostasis provides an extensive range of tests for the investigation of bleeding and thrombotic disorders including clinical trial work.

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