Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pre-travel

Diagnostic Use

Anyone requiring a pre-travel COVID-19 test should contact their General Practitioner (GP).

The cost of a pre-travel COVID-19 test is at the discretion of whichever facility you choose.

Results are typically available within 48hrs but the laboratory will aim to provide a result in advance of an identified flight time. For reports to be valid for entry requirements to most countries it is critical that the following information is provided on the referral form. Failure to comply may result in the travelling individual being denied their flight and/or entry to their destination.

On the referral form please provide:

1. Collection date and time.

2. Flight details (date and time).

3. Ensure full name and DOB matches with the passport.


Microbiology - Virology

Delphic Registration Code


Turnaround Time

48 hours