Laboratory Information Services


Canterbury Health Laboratories has a dedicated team of IT professionals who work with DHB’s and private medical laboratory providers to provide information service support.

CHL has implemented and manages the use of a shared Laboratory Information System (LIS) among a number of medical diagnostic laboratories within New Zealand. This shared LIS platform utilises the Delphic Multilab utility. Collectively the laboratories using this system are known as LabNet. Laboratories currently included within LabNet include Taranaki DHB, Hawkes Bay DHB, Canterbury DHB and West Coast DHB. Additional information on LabNet can be found at www.labnet.health.nz.




LabNet is an alliance of public sector pathology laboratories who have agreed to work together in order to benefit from a strong brand, common systems and economies of scale, which will improve, promote and protect the services which they provide. LabNet partners share Delphic LIS, scientific knowledge, expertise and training. This enables Rationalisation of IT hardware, software and LIS support staff.


Led by CHL, LabNet enables shared expert IT resources, support and knowledge, complemented by ongoing cost benefits to the NZ health sector.




CHL and its LabNet partners are dedicated to diagnostic innovation and continually strive to enable and support new models of care in parallel with the best health IT solutions. Currently LabNet partners are working in the following focus areas:




Regional data repositories
Promote and expand shared service model
Shared care, clinical pathways, decision support, e-referrals
Online orders
Molecular diagnostics
Infection control
Public Health

Health data reporting and analysis







Dave MacKay

Laboratory Information Services Manager

P: 64 3 367 4428 ext: 40027
F: 64 3 364 0521
M: 64 27 454 1758


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